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I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and compliment you on your incredible ability to creatively write about such an important part of our history that will bring the facts to life for Territory children, our next generation of decision makers and leaders.

Her Honour the Administrator, Vicki O'Halloran AM [wow!]

Wow! That's a great story. I love Quincy and The Sheriff.  And I love Pebbles, too.

Endora, Bees Creek.

I just read Quincy and The Sheriff and I love it. I love the story about the bombs over Darwin before I was born. My Nanna showed me the painting of the time Darwin was bombed before I was born down at Stokes Hill Wharf (when we went for an ice cream). I made a video message and sent it to Robyn to tell her about her book.

Finn, aged 5, Darwin.

‘Quincy & the Sheriff’ is a delightfully produced story about a young child’s experience of being involved in one of the many bombing attacks that befell Darwin in 1942-43. Quincy Roberts’ lucky errand on behalf of her father to deliver an important letter to the local Sheriff meant that, at the time of the first attack, she wasn’t at the Post Office but rather at the Court House. This wonderfully illustrated book designed to be read to or by senior primary or junior secondary aged school children explains some of the real history of the time in a manner that is appealing to the eye and comprehensively simple in storyline. For children living in or familiar with the city of Darwin, they can personally relate to the setting. Its simplicity in presentation becomes a teaching tool beyond that of just a reader. The book’s story and illustrations combine and invite the reader to explore further questions around the events, comprehend the contents, identify some of the other characters (animals, people, built structures etc.) by name, number, colour and size. It cleverly introduces mathematics, science, art, geography and history as well as language into the pages so is a compatible tool for learning over a number of disciplines.

Phil Walcott, Registered Psychologist, Alice Springs NT

In an era when reading books to children has almost gone out of fashion, Quincy and the Sheriff is a timely reminder of the immense value of this activity.  It is a perfect book for parents and carers to share with their young family.  Despite the subject matter, it is not a frightening tale.  It tells a significant story that really happened here in Darwin, and manages to weave humour, a roller-coaster of emotions, and a happy ending into the narrative.  Many Territorians will recognise the names and landmarks featured.  It is rare to find an historically significant book that is also educational and entertaining for children (far less find one so beautifully illustrated, and in hard back).


Father, Alawa.

Yes – I used to read to my children, and they loved it!

I love Quincy & Pebbles, they teach me all about the history of Darwin, the city where I live. I read the book to my dog, he loves them too!


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